Denim shirts look for taste, white shirts are the most special, Teach you how to match colors

This article mainly introduces colors and collocation.

A collared shirt is a casual style item, so when Uncle Bo chose the fabric this time, he did not choose the fabric of the formal shirt. There should be plenty of combed cotton dress shirts in your closet.
The casual style shirt matches the casual fabric style better.
I chose three different types of fabrics for this ultra-high one-piece collar shirt, and each color is different! They are dark blue tannin (denim), khaki pure linen plain weave, white pure cotton superfine canvas.


Dark blue denim one-piece collar shirt


Khaki Linen One Piece Collar Shirt


White canvas one piece collar shirt

Which one of the three colors is better?

White all-match, dark blue, and khaki have a deep cool tone and a light warm tone, which can be matched with any color.

ss4 (1)
ss4 (2)
ss4 (3)

Moreover, these three styles are different types and styles of casual fabrics. Whether you wear clothes or design clothes, try not to repeat them. If each model is widened, it can be matched with as many different flavors as possible.

Let's show you the matching of these shirts!
The first is dark blue. Compared to white and light blue, dark shirts may not be worn by so many people. But dark colors have the advantage of dark colors: they are stain-resistant, and dark blue has a higher universality than black.
If you don’t know how to wear them, wear a dark blue one.
By the way, the dark blue denim will fade naturally, and it will have a unique sense of fade after repeated washing, and it is also very flavorful.
For example, the dark blue flannel shirt is a very new and noble color.
In terms of practicality, there are not many people who dare to wear light-colored suits in spring and summer. The top depth and the bottom shallow are the best matches.
The full set of dark colors is too hot and heavy in spring and summer. The upper darker and lower lighter colors retain the refreshing feeling and are easy to match, suitable for everyone.
You don't even have to spend a big budget on buying new clothes. 90% of men should have dark blue suits. They will be opened in spring and summer with dark blue shirts inside. You can wear light-colored khaki pants or linen pants.

ss6 (2)
ss6 (3)
ss6 (1)

The universal color matching method is still the upper depth and the lower light.

ss7 (1)
ss7 (2)

What if it is dark blue with dark blue? You can use a small scarf or colorful pocket square to reconcile the mediocrity of the whole set.


The light khaki color is very suitable for the current season, plus the linen fabric, you can wear it even when it is very hot.

ss8 (2)

Khaki is a warm color, which matches well with any warm color clothes in your closet. If you want to match cool colors, you just need some skills, such as matching light and cool colors, it is a refreshing macaron color matching style. For example, with a light blue striped seersucker jacket.


White is a good match. Like ordinary white shirts, you can wear it alone or with a suit, but it is best not to wear a tie.
When the tie is not worn, the beautiful and smooth collar line advantage of a collar shirt can be fully revealed, which looks like a blooming tulip.


Jackets are basically nothing to fault, they can be matched.
These three shirts are not only different colors, but also different fabrics (denim, linen, canvas).
The texture is different, the color is different, and the matching effect is also different. With these three, in the casual shirt industry, it is invincible in the world!

Post time: Jul-21-2020