How to buy a fitted shirt?

Customized masters who know the business and understand the culture can certainly solve the problem of size and fit. Understanding culture means that the master understands the way of matching classic styles, and will not match your wing collar dress shirt with double stack French sleeves. The custom-made styles are complicated, and I will elaborate in another article.

In addition to customization, many people do not know if it is, high-end ready-to-wear can also solve the problem of fit to a certain extent. Of course, the high-end ready-to-wear is not self-styled. European high-end ready-to-wear must have multiple versions. Note that this version is not a style, but is based on body type. If the code size of clothes is one dimension, then the multi-body shape is another important dimension. The explanations about the multi-body shirts are as follows:


1. The human body has different fat and thin shapes, such as fat, thin, moderate, and muscular. Each body type has different fit requirements for shirt bust, waist, and arm circumference. Most brands on the market only provide one size code, that is, a single type. If you happen to fit the brand's corresponding size type, it is possible to wear a fit, but this means that people who are different from your body are mostly not fit.

2. The sizes of multi-body shirts are generally 40Y and 43H, where the numbers represent the size of the collar and the letters represent different body types. Different brands may have different size units (such as inches) or body type symbols, but they are invariable. By the way, by convention, the collar of the shirt is the yardage. Formal shirts require a collar and neck that are very suitable for wearing a tie. The jump size of the collar is much denser than the height and bust. One height size may correspond to two collar sizes. Even if it is necessary to use the national standard method to mark the shirt, the principle of multi-body type is the same, but the angle is different.

3. The size and tailoring of multiple body types come from the study of the size distribution of enough samples in a specific group, not simply the exhaustive deduction of numbers. Multi-body size and tailoring suitable for Europeans, completely different from the Chinese, and different body types, the tailoring is very different, not simply scaling the chest waist.

4. Multi-body type can only cover 70%-90% of a specific population, which is determined by the principle of marginal effect. A ready-to-wear brand wants to cover all body types, and its cost may increase substantially as the coverage rate approaches 100%. In terms of adapting to all people, multi-body ready-made garments can't be compared with customization, of course, its price is lower than customization is the advantage. When you can't find the right size in a multi-body ready-to-wear, don't be discouraged, either make your personal needs and wait, or go customize.

In summary, there are three ways to buy a fitted shirt: the most expensive is, of course, custom-made, the most cost-effective is to buy a multi-body garment, and there is a cheap way: just the tailoring of a certain brand of shirt is very suitable for you Body shape-This is where sweat and opportunity coexist (this method does not guarantee the cut details and overall quality of the shirt, but this article only talks about the fit).

Finally, add two pictures. The same person wears a normal shirt and a fitted shirt.


Post time: Jun-15-2020