Supermoon lights up night skies around the world


Skywatchers around the world have enjoyed stunning views of this month's Supermoon when the Moon appears larger and brighter.

The phenomenon happens when the celestial satellite reaches its closest point to Earth - known as a perigee - and is on the opposite side of Earth to the sun.

This month's supermoon - the third and final one of the year - is known as the Flower Moon because of its occurrence in Spring.




Dozens of people gathered on London's Primrose Hill to see the moon


The supermoon pictured above the Camlica Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey...


... and in Ireland's Dublin Bay.


A ranger's tower is silhouetted near Ruhama in Israel


The red supermoon rises behind Mount Vesuvius in the Italian city of Naples...


... and by the Tokyo Skytree in Japan

Post time: May-08-2020