Wear a shirt, the fit is the first choice.


Fitting is the basic dressing concept of mature men. Otherwise, there is no need to distinguish between tailoring and yardage, or even a piece of fabric is more convenient on the body. Unfitting shirts, no matter how expensive the materials are or how delicate the workmanship is, are wasteful. This is easy to understand.

Close-fitting (that is, highly fitted) is an elegant attitude. The more sophisticated the design and manufacturing, the more valuable (such as Swiss mechanical watches). It is reflected in the formal dress, which can accurately match the body shape, and at the same time correct the lack of body shape, it is a sophisticated and expensive work, and naturally becomes a symbol of the noble status of the owner. For many years, this is the reason why European and American dignitaries have been trying to be fit, and they have spent time and money traveling to and from high-end custom shops for tailor-made and tailor-made.


The benefits of a very good fit, summarized as follows:

1. Visually simple, clean, elegant, and identity. High-fitting shirts can be seen at a glance as custom-made or high-end ready-to-wear (the ready-to-wear can also fit well? This is said later), and it is easy to wear a sense of value and identity. This is more useful when communicating and negotiating with high-end people, at least in terms of shirts, so that your identity does not seem too different from him.

2. Fitted shirt tailoring, including the modification of body shape, more beautiful. Fitting or fitting sounds simple. Different treatments are required for people of different body types and different parts. These considerations form the perspective of correcting your body shape can make you look more comfortable. Skills everywhere.

3. It is more convenient to move than unfit clothes. Don’t think that loose shirts are easy to move. The large sleeves will let you pull the armpit fabric to pull out the waist when you raise your arm. Then you have to adjust the hem of the shirt from time to time (do you have any experience?). When you lift your arm, it looks like Hanging a fan, the tailoring close to the body is more flexible, and this will not happen. Of course, the convenience of formal wear cannot be compared with sportswear.

People who often buy ordinary ready-to-wear shirts tend to mistakenly think that fitting is the appropriate collar, dress length, and sleeve length. This is a wrong concept. This is because the options provided by ordinary shirts are limited, and only the dimension of code size is optional. After choosing the collar, the customer can only expect the sleeve length to be appropriate, the length of the dress is satisfactory, and there is no choice for the fatness of the bust and waist. For a long time, it has established a fixed trend and the standard is low.

So, what is the real fit?

1. Overall fit: The fit of a fat person should be moderately tight, that is, avoiding too tight and unsightly, and avoiding looseness and fatness. Those with a moderate body shape must be tailored to fit the body so that the lines are spirited and the customized fan is also sufficient... Too thin, you should leave a little looseness (relatively) to avoid becoming a Korean fashion fritter;

2. About sleeve length and sleeve cage circumference: the sleeve length should be accurate. The sleeve length of the shirt is different. The effect of wearing a suit and not wearing a suit is different (a fitted suit sleeve will tie the shirt sleeve upwards, causing it to become shorter), generally based on the effect of wearing a suit. When the arm is sagging, the cuff grows 1.2 cm from the suit That's it. The sleeve cage (shoulder sleeve joint) is very important! If the size of the sleeve cage is appropriate, it is not easy to take the side of the body out of the trousers when the arm is raised, so the sleeve cage must be small enough to fit. Those who do not understand customization often lose in this part. When the arm is raised, the bat sleeve comes out, Immediately exposed.

3. Shoulder width, bust, and waist, please follow the first principle to stroke. The waist should be as close as possible, otherwise, it will be more wrinkled and not elegant in the trousers (except for those who are overweight, the fat elasticity is large, and the waist should be left more, otherwise the belly button will be a little embarrassed when eating or sitting down, At the same time the chest is subject to the point of not protruding).

4. Long clothing should not be short, it is not easy to take off the trousers. It should be noted that in the most traditional shirts, the length of the shirt completely covers the buttocks, and the loop is attached from the crotch to the front piece. Although it doesn't have to be so retro, it doesn't hurt.

In the next issue, we will talk about how to buy a suitable shirt.

Post time: Jun-05-2020