What is a quarter suit?Be a decent and unusual man!(1)

What is "a quarter formal dress"? This kind of dress is most suitable for the national conditions in the summer. Sometimes we want to be a decent but unprepared man!
A simple distinction between men’s clothes and formality can be roughly divided into:
Needless to say, the most formal formal wear, suit.
Semi-formal wear, suit without tie;
A little fancy style, or a little fancy matching style, are considered semi-formal;
In summer, a long-sleeved shirt with trousers, a general version of formal wear.
But in fact, in summer, people in suits are not overwhelmingly divided, and long-sleeved shirts are still hot.
There is a type of clothing, due to its own characteristics, which is very suitable for the domestic weather. Many people wear it in slightly more formal business occasions. Compared with formal and semi-formal wear, Uncle Po thinks this type of clothing can be called "quarter formal wear."
What is the summer "quarter dress"? There are two representative ones:
One is a Polo shirt that everyone wears. Polo shirt was originally a sportswear, and now it is a semi-formal dress in the hot summer area. Wearing it in summer does not count the taste.
Compared with short-sleeved shirts, polo shirts are more suitable for summer commuter wear, because the style is more classic, more formal than collarless T-shirts, and short-sleeved shirts are cooler than long-sleeved shirts.
There is also a very classic, but more niche Cuban collar shirt.
Although these two pieces are also short-sleeved, they are much more formal than the round-neck T-shirts. As long as they are properly matched, you can wear a "quarter formal dress" to work.
Small classic summer short-sleeved, the pursuit of taste and personality, need to be a little formal? Choose it!
The Cuban collar shirt originally originated in South America in the 18th century and was very popular in the United States in the 1950s.
Uncle Po believes that the Cuban collar shirt is one of the most practical shirts for Chinese white-collar workers who need to be dressed more formally and are afraid of the heat in the hot summer.
If you wear to work from Monday to Friday, a Cuban collar shirt is paired with tailored trousers and formal shoes.
Easier, you can also wear khaki pants and loafers.
Like young, a little bit joint, you can match sports shoes and white casual shoes.

Post time: Sep-01-2020