What is a quarter suit?Be a decent and unusual man!(2)

The hem is not tucked into the trousers, so you can take a vacation at will. With the neckline open a little lower, Cuban collar shirts can also be sexy.

But now when it comes to Cuban collars, some people always think that Cuban collar shirts look like old cadres, and many people don’t dare to wear them.

If you like it, wear it boldly! Feeling old-fashioned, it is because they don't understand classics.

First, many gentleman-style retro classic items are indeed easy to feel old-fashioned for people who do not recognize or understand, such as tweed jackets and traditional hunting suits.

Second, if the shape and tailoring are not good, you will be dressed like an old man.

For example, at international summits, officials from various countries wore loose and bulky Cuban collar shirts in summer. In fact, the effect of tailoring a little more self-cultivation is quite different.

Third, of course, it also has a lot to do with your matching style. Are the combinations I put earlier, old fashioned?

Cuban collar shirts have another advantage. Compared with the high collars of formal shirts, Cuban collars do not have a collar seat and have a low collar.

They are cooler to wear than POLO.

Short-sleeved shirts are the last resort of the conservative industry. Since you wear them, you have to pick the best looking one!

I think everyone knows the attitude of Uncle Po to short-sleeved shirts. I can’t just keep advocating it just because I have this product.

In fact, to be more careful, a short-sleeved shirt is not a formal shirt.

The short-sleeved shirt was originally associated with work. It was a "castrated version" of the long-sleeved shirt to increase the coolness (the short-sleeved shirt appeared when the scissors cut the sleeves and closed the sides, and nothing else moved) , Evolved into uniforms for workers, police, restaurant waiters, and field workers.

But there is no way, the national conditions are so, sometimes we have to compromise. Some conservative industries or government agencies still wear short-sleeved shirts in summer, which is the norm.

It’s okay to wear a short-sleeved shirt, but you have to know which one looks good and which one is ugly.

Don't wear this kind of short-sleeved shirt with the sleeves up and the body fat.

And a good-looking short-sleeved shirt looks like this: the cuffs are cut down, and the small armholes fit the line of the arm so that it won’t rise.

If you want to wear a short-sleeved shirt, remember to choose this one!

Post time: Sep-04-2020