What is a quarter suit?Be a decent and unusual man!(3)

Henry collar shirt, weekend leisure, travel vacation, choose this one to taste!

The Henry collar shirt is the most casual among the several shirts I will recommend today.

What's interesting about Henry is that although it is a traditional European style, we see a bit of nationalism. Yes, this is great!

There are many common long-sleeved shirts with Henry collar, and the one from Uncle Bo’s is the long-sleeved version.

Short sleeves are more casual than long sleeves and are more suitable for summer wear.

Henry collar has no neck seat, which is the most casual among these shirts. The neckline is generally open and cool.

These three shirts, if you want to make a summary recommendation:
• The industry is conservative and wears in line with national conditions: choose a short sleeve shirt with a square collar
• The surrounding environment is relaxed and you want a little taste: choose a Cuban collar shirt
• Weekend dating, seaside holiday: choose Henry collar shirt

Of course, there are not too many short sleeves in summer, so you are not afraid to go without clothes!

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Post time: Sep-08-2020