What kind of shirt is a good shirt?

The shirt divides formal with recreational two kinds, recreational shirt because design is changeable, all sorts of join together to do old grind wool to do really is you wear happy good need not ask so much, but if you want to know is normal/formal style how to look good with bad, that see the following point.

1, the collar

Look at a white shirt. Most people look at the collar first.A good or more formal white shirt has a stiff collar because it has a hot lining on the inside to glue the inside of the collar together.The inside of a well-made collar should be completely bonded and should not blister;The collar is tight enough to make it easy to make “beans” (as for beans, the difference in fabric will also have an impact, but as a decent garment the degree of beans should not affect the appearance of the clothes).The line should be parallel to the collar.


A good collar, the two sides of the collar tip should also be the same length, the stand collar folded in half should be coincident, a good example is as follows, square, symmetrical, neat line, line parallel to the edge of the collar, the point of the collar line corner is also pointed (if there is a little fillet corner then the corner of the line should also be rounded).

Positive examples

2, placket

And then there’s the flap.As for the requirements of the front, we also need to press the line parallel to the edge, and it is better to have no less than 8 pins in one inch.The inner side of the front of the front is also pressed to make it look straighter.Therefore, this lapel can not appear as the collar has the foaming phenomenon.After the QQ button on the flap is closed, the whole flap on the body should be suiting, left and right overlap.If the tiling overlaps but the left and right sides don’t, it could also be because of your body type, so consider rechoosing a shirt that fits you.

A good example of a front piece is that the buttoned buttons are also crosswise over parallel, as mentioned earlier on the plaid shirt.

The second thing to notice about the flap is that it should be worn behind you. The bottom of the flap should overlap.

Positive example negative example

The third thing to notice is the top button.The top of the flap of the front should be fastened up and down after buttoning.

Negative example positive example

3, pocket

Say again the pocket, the clipping of good pocket should be square level, car line is neat and parallel, pocket edge is dense needle.One of the main details to note is the top corner of the bag.Because some people like to put things into the bag, so the bag top Angle is easy to force, more times, will easily cause the bag top Angle tear.Careful design will be in the pocket top horn car a triangle or dozen dates, as shown in the figure below a dozen dates figure two triangle

On the other hand, not only the cutting, car line are askew, details are missing.

Here’s another thing I have to say about the bags: most mass-produced shirt bags are sewed horizontally, but since the shoulders are slant, the bags look as if one side is sinking behind the clothes.And that’s fine because mass production doesn’t have a very well-thought-out, ever-changing body.

However, if the order is different, the master will often lift the bag a little higher on one side according to the shoulder slope of the customer, so sometimes look at the bag in the tiled time is not level, a little higher on one side is also normal.

4, the cuff

Next to the cuff, there is hot lining piao can not have foaming is also standard.After the cuff is closed in the new QQ, the button and the door are in the same position, and there will be no pulling phenomenon due to the wrong position.The corresponding pressure line should be symmetric.

5. Shoulder seam

Shoulder and neck suture because it is not mainly to the people’s parts, the requirements do not have to be so high, the main is to close the needle, as little as possible pleating is (level).

Post time: Feb-28-2020